Motorola DM1400 With Mic

Motorola DM1400/DM1600 Analogue/Digital

Motorola DM1400 Desktop Microphone
Motorola DM1600

Stay connected with your workers whether they’re delivering cargo, taxi, bus or tram driving. The MOTOTRBO™ DM1400 mobile radio is a reliable, cost-effective solution to keep your team in contact so they can communicate. The DM1400 is designed for the everyday driver, so you can connect without distraction.

This analogue/digital mobile radio offers all the benefits of the latest technology – from superior audio quality to greater coverage. It’s also compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO™ business-essential features, such as Transmit Interrupt (decode only) to prioritize critical communication.

The analogue-only model of the DM1400 allows you to upgrade to digital with a simple software package when the time is right for you. The DM1400 is easy to use and delivers clear communication for maximum efficiency of your operation. We also offers the MOTOTRBO™ DM1600 Mobile Radio with alphanumeric display.

Motorola DM4601
Motorola DM1400 Desktop Microphone
Motorola DM4600

Motorola DM4600/DM4601

From the delivery driver crisscrossing the city to the sanitation crew clearing streets, your employees work smarter and safer with the MOTOTRBO™ DM4000 Series mobile two-way radio.

This fully-featured mobile transforms your enterprise, delivering unrivaled voice and data communications with integrated Bluetooth audio and data*, integrated GPS*, text messaging and a full 4-line colour display with day/night mode to make reading work order tickets and text messages easier. You also get best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and a customisable voice announcement feature.

* DM4601 model only

**All our radios have the option of coming pre programmed with your own frequecies or they can be pre programmed with our own private frequencies**