Caisson Cleaning Tool.png

Riser Cleaning Tool

Project under development – Riser Cleaning Tool. We have developed a 4th generation Riser Cleaning

Tool. The Riser Cleaning Tool can clean from the bottom of the Mezzanine Deck passed the Splash

Zone to 15M. It is 75% complete. It was shown at one of the exhibitions CAPE put together. It was

welcomed by the major Companies. As CAPE inspect and clean internal Caissons, likewise the external

needs to be done. Once completed, a full turn key solution can be delivered to the customer internal and

external cleaning and inspection can be documented and presented to the Client. It has a full video still

capabilities with editing software on the Topside Controller. With this type of tool, we have designed

special high torque low voltage motors which does away with bulky HP Hydraulic Compressors. It only

requires a 3 man team. The System is compact and simple to use and very efficient. The other Units

currently on the market require 8ft containers to accompany the Tool along with 6 personnel.