OffshoreComm Ltd supplies thermal imaging cameras, pipeline inspection cameras, hat mount cameras, Atex and non Atex radios, batteries, chargers, leather cases and straps, microphones, push to talk adaptors, headsets and other various products and services including MRT tests and subsea retrieval equipment.

***Any radio equipment that you need that we do not already stock will be sourced and obtained for you extremely quickly.***

We have a very competitive rate and all of our equipment is the latest available, all stock we hire we have a spare identical set at the workshop. We are on hand 24/7 to help out and advise should any issues arise.

In the event of any damage or breakages sustained to equipment whilst on hire we can offer a next day delivery and on special circumstances same day delivery service of identical kit. Before all our equipment leaves the workshop we service and decontaminate everything.

If you choose to use OffshoreComm Ltd on a regular basis we will make up a new kit(s) which will be exclusively for your own use with your company logo which we will have identical spares if any problems should arise, also special rates can apply for long term hire.

All systems are supplied with full documentation consisting of Declaration of Conformity, Examination Certificates, Operating Manual and a copy if our Ofcom License along with PE001 Release Form.

We are based in Aberdeen and can supply systems at short notice worldwide.

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