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The CEBall Camera has a full 360o pan and tilt capability. With this type of Camera it is possible to

look back at the Umbilical. Half the Ball rotates in a vertical direction and the entire ball can rotate

vertically. This allows the Camera to be positioned via Joystick wherever desired. The Camera has

LED Lighting along with 2 x Lasers 30mm apart which allows the user a guideline for the size of a

fracture or corrosion. The Camera is also fitted with a 12:1 Optical Zoom and is deployed by hand. It

can reach depths greater than 250M. Comes in various sizes of Umbilical for ease of use. Can inspect

Caissons, Pipe ID greater than 300mm. Suitable for virtually any environment. Records high quality

video along with stills. The Topside Controller is equipped with software for editing video and

incorporating stills along with report writing and burning DVDs on site.

ce ball.png