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EXD Agilios Camera System

Introducing EXD Agilios Camera System the EXD-VC200-60M/50 the system it

comes in 2 package one being the Peli case and the other Steel trolley which has 60 metres of pushrod

12mm in OD the main point for the EXD Camera System is that it can be deployed in Zone 0 whether

it is in a Horizontal or Vertical Pipe minimum Pipe ID 70mm it has sufficient LED’s to illuminate a

350mm ID Pipe it comes with VC200 top side Camera Controller which is capable of recording realtime

video directly to it’s Hard Drive as well as taking snap-shots in Jpeg. The Camera

System has software installed for interrogating and reporting capabilities along with measurements of

ID of Pipe, Bending radius, water level, circumferences and also measuring from one point to another,

a long with fracture measurement, these are just some of the features the camera system allows you to

capture onto the video or the still image for further details or operating manuals.

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iCAM502 Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera

Work safely in a wide variety of hazardous environments - including zone 0.

Perfect for use in everywhere from oil refineries to down in mines where there's combustible materials, the Extronic iCAM502 takes high quality visual images and is designed not to ignite the environment thanks to its fully sealed casing with built-in anti-static design.

Extremely small in size and capable of fitting in the pocket, the iCAM502 weighs just 200g and is easy to use in just one hand. Its rubber casing is also designed to enhance grip (even when wearing cumbersome gloves) and it also improves the overall durability of the camera in hazardous areas.

The main difference between this camera and Extronics' other model - the iCAM501 Ultra - is that this intrinsically safe camera comes with an auto focus lens to improve the shots you take anytime you take them.



The ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION is ATEX certified Ex d IIB+H2 T6 Gb / II2G Gb T6, for use in hazardous areas ensures it can go safely where most cameras and phones cannot.

With its high intensity on board strobe flash, ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION lights up the darkest areas making high quality digital imagery easier and clearer than ever. Coupled with 5x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, anti-shake technology and additional close-up macro lenses, ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION gives you the flexibility you need to do your job, any job and get the results you need.